I celebrated my graduation yesterday in this excellent restaurant. Well we had a incredible evening and the restaurant was undoubtedly the reason for this strong evening. The stuff helped in a pleasant style, the meals were appetizing and my guests were very joyful. We shall absolutely come back again for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Jayden Wolf

One of the best pizza gems we discovered in Los Angeles! This spot is perfect for any of your pizza cravings! We loved this place so much that we came again last week!!

Chef Ali has won numerous awards for having the best pizza, and now we understand why his Neapolitan Wood-Fired pizzas are so popular. Not only are the pizzas delicious, but they also compliment different parts of the world. Each pizza represents a different country and its uniqueness! We got the Bombay Tikka Masala and the Fungi Lama pizzas. Both were so delicious!

Why We Love It
-Wood-Fired Pizza with an amazingly thin crust
-Flavorful and unique toppings
-We’re already craving another pie

Annie & Gordo SoCal Foodies

Legitimately, the best pizza I’ve ever had. And I say that with very high regard and confidence.

They cook and create with such an apparent care and love. The toppings aren’t thrown on, they are placed and deliberate. The dough is amazing and always cooked to perfection. The manager is incredibly kind and welcoming. I cant say enough great things about this place!! Worth every penny.


One of the beat pizza in California. Very good taste the bread of Pizza was very good. We have tried the Istanbul and All Fired Up. Istanbul pizza was very good, it has right combination of Sauce, Cheese and Meet. Cucumber slices has added a unique taste. It is a Halal restaurant, the guy at the shop has provided us the coke free of cost when he come to know that we are out of Los Angeles and trying his pizza for the first time. Its a great place to have Halal Pizza in Los Angeles.

Syed Noor ul Haque

Hands down one of the best pizza spots we have ever tried, and my wife and I love us a good pizza! We were on our way back from the Bay Area and the lady did her Yelp investigations to find the best pizza joint, and we found it! Super amazing and unique flavor profiles that I have never had on a pizza before! And the owner was right there doing the cooking and was super friendly! Always about supporting local business owners over any of that junk corporate stuff, especially when they are good people! We will be back again for sure! 😍

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